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Below are links to various home sewing thread resources:

A&E Sewing Threads : A&E sells industrial sewing thread.  Check with them to see if it is appropriate for your home use or not.  They have nylon thread, poly thread, cotton thread etc.

Coats : they are global leaders in sewing thread manufacture. They make and supply the world's favorite high performance corespun, general purpose spun polyester threads and specialty use threads. All their sewing threads are supported by their exclusive range of Coats Sewing Solutions Services.

Home Sew Inc. : they sell cotton sewing thread, poly/cotton sewing threads and specialty threads.

Jo Anne Fabric and Craft Store : they sell sewing thread and more.  First in Fabric and the Best Craft Choices — these words express the core of what makes Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores® so exciting. Why is Jo-Ann the unique resource that it is? It starts with the great product selection in their stores and on Joann.com® and only gets better with knowledgeable customer service, a clear focus on value, and an unmatched opportunity to connect with a vital creative community.

Ray-Way Sewing Thread : they are selling what they consider to be the world's finest sewing thread.  It has continuous fibers that are soft and very smooth.  Check with them for more details on the thread they provide.

You may also be interested in the European Federation of Sewing Thread Industries.  EFT stands for the European Federation of Sewing Thread Industries, presenting the organisation of sewing thread industries in Europe. EFT represents the interests of the sewing thread producing companies on a European level as an important link between politics, media, the public and the industry. The aim of EFT is to reach an agreement of the members on common international topics of the sewing thread industry and to support the common interests.

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